Election Verdict of 5 states in India -2017.Is it shift of Politics away from sensitive issues to development matters in UP?

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Election Verdict of 5 states in India -2017.Is it shift of Politics away from sensitive issues to development matters in UP?


Plato’s injunction:

“The punishment suffered by the wise who refuse to take part in government, is to suffer under the government of bad men”.


Verdict on March 11,2017 surprised the nation as well as the right wing BJP party. Although since 2014 when heavy “Modi wave “enabled BJP to single headedly form government, it was not expected that the party would emerge victorious in such grand way again, nearly replicating the vote percent as similar to one held in general elections 2014.

Leftist faction defined the victory as a communal fascist group’s consolidation on democratic and constitutional institutions. While Right wingers described as a win of aspiration of deprived masses who have seen someone in current PM as saviour, thinker and well wisher.


Issue remains that has this time the shift been totally to development issues.?  Unfortunately till 70 years post independence, we still do lack behind on many basic human development indicators. Although we have definitely improved our image outside India, we are seen as one of foremost destination for FIIs and FDIs, still this drawback that we are unable to trickle down the positive impacts of development to all, hurts as an Indian.


Nation has definitely seen many social welfare schemes which are getting recognition for their good worth, genuine intentions.

One should also not get carried away that this is a semi final to the general elections for 2019.Still many more state elections are queued up and BJP has suffered debacles at Bihar and Delhi too.


Are we as nation now arriving to a position where we see more and more citizen centric governments and policies? The concept of more and more cooperative federalism is an indication of the acceptance of fact that while formulating policies, it is must to keep in mind the local aspirations.

Confucius described righteousness as the foundation of good governance and peace. The art of good governance simply lies in making things right and putting them in their right place. Confucius’s prescription for good governance is ideally suited for a country like India where many of our present day players in governance do not adhere to any principle and ensure only their own interests.

So one of major issues became the declining law and order situation of the state.

PM Modi looked energetic, while UP CM Akhilesh Yadav,being promising could not sustain.

Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership are essential virtues for leading a public life for a leader.

It would also be pre early to assess this outcome which has also found significant attention in media abroad as a pre to 2019 general election. But one aspect needs to be seen, Is it a paradigm shift from populist politics to nationalistic and citizen centric development oriented politics.


Harsh Vardhan Pathak

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