Eve before the result of General Election of 2014

{This was before run up to the declaration of the General election results 2014.}



So just last day before the results …

Strangely youth this time are more concerned about 16th may than,14th February..

A good sign for a nation full of youth population,that atleast youth are concerned about the election result,even there were times when youth discarded politics as game of people outly involved in corrupt practices…

We saw emergence of few leaders on the hopes of making efforts of removal of corruption,they made their mockery,,but still they initiated some positive energy,,which is very much needed in log run,,

What we might see tomorrow is a mandate,,we all hope that it is more stable government at centre..we are in a way very much affected by compulsions of coalition politics,,,so this is very much hoped that NDA must have strong majority,,,we can then look forward to stable government at centre which can speeden up vital steps for economic speedening,,strong efforts to strengthen our security establishment..

We are hopeful to enter into era of strong centre,,as more dependence on coalition partners deters speed and normal functioning,,

Record turnout this time indicates that people voted for change,,betterment,,,

Rest is to be seen tomorrow,,what has been the outcome of 9 phases long electoral exercise,,

But we voted,,,in hope of betterment,,stability



Harsh Vardhan Pathak

Doon University



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