India’s absence from voting on issue of Srilanka

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India’s absence from voting on issue of Sri lanka.


{This was a very crucial issue given the fact that any act in north parts of Srilanka was bound to create emotional issues in Tamil Nadu.Still Indian diplomacy took this step given the broadness of conducting neighbour relationship and respecting the sovereignty of an independent nation}




Srilanka is an island located in Indian ocean holding place of strategic importance as of nearby presence of Diego Garcia,a US naval base. It is divided from India by Palk strait.

It has been religiously and historically close to India.64 % of population is Buddhist and 15 % are hindus.

Tamils were of 2 kinds,

Ceylonese and Indian[which were brought by Britishers as plantation farmers]

Jaffna in north and east part of Srilanka had heavy concentration of tamil population.

Problem became serious when Tamils started demanding separate ‘’EALAM’’.

India also participated in peace keeping mission in 1987,,which made sentiments hurt in Tamil NADU and costed us lives of 1200 soldiers.

LTTE ,,the main fighting body of freedom of tamils faced crunch since 2001 US attack,,,

Attacks on LTTE grew channelized since 2006..and finally LTTE was uprooted in 2009.

Blames were made on srilankan army that in last phases of the wars there were widespread human rights violations,,,which srilanka a denied.

This had been demand of USA,,and its allies to set up independent commission to enquire the cases of harsh conduct of national army,,

India had voted against Srilanka on previous occasions..this time India decided to do away from voting.

Only S Korea voted among prominent Asian nations. Pakistan and China also did not vote as of same internal conflicts.

Srilanka responded positively immediately after with release of Indian fisherman.



Harsh Vardhan Pathak


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