Indo –China Standoff at Doklam.

Two of the oldest and rich civilisations who are racing towards becoming major global powers are at conflict raising fears of escalation to a short or full fledged military confrontation. The conflict started from June when at Doklam Plateau, a tri junction point between India, Bhutan and China ,China unilaterally started its effort to build up a road breaking the status quo of land ,since the area had been considered disputed by both Bhutan and China.

India holds the authority to look into strategic and foreign affairs of Himalayan Buddhist kingdom { now a democracy}, which is a beautiful state not too much known to the outside world. Unilateral attempts from China to break the status quo forced India to intervene with military personals forming human chain and not allowing China to start with the construction activity, posing a serious threat to our Siliguri Corridor

We have seen that China has made a giant leap in global economy by  manufacturing products and selling to the markets. Same time China has had boundary disputes with its neighbours. We have bitter memories of 1962 war where we lost against an aggressive Chinese army. Many stories of bravery of the war shown by Indian troops despite lacking logistics and military supply and disadvantageous locations are now getting known due to attention about this current crisis.Just a day ago, the Chinese premier during the 90th formation day of PLA pointed about the capacity to defend the land from any intruder. Chinese People Liberation Army was formed in 1927.

Much has been getting into public attention about the need of both the economies to grow and all possible efforts to avoid war. Chinese media which is a state monitored forum has clearly projected India’s stance as a violation of LOAC and blamed Indian armies of misadventure into the Chinese territories. Indian response has been of not removal of soldiers from current position but avoiding the initiation of conflict.


Both nations have grown significantly in economic terms as well as military terms. There has been consistent comparison made between the arsenals of both the nations and the capacity with which each one can inflict heavy damage to the farthest cities in other’s nation.China has made a position stronger in geopolitics due to its expanding economic influence. It has invested heavily in Africa, Srilanka and Pakistan.The main concern of the Indian military installation had been that any road construction at the disputed sight will give China an easy advantage to block the Chicken neck corridor, thus in armed conflict enabling it to detach the Indian mainland from the North East.

China has been coming with its economic plans like OBOR{One belt one Road}, CPEC{China Pakistan Economic Corridor}.It wanted India to be a part of CPEC,but India refused due to the CPEC corridor passing through  illegally annexed POK .China and Indian have a trade relation, but it is highly imbalanced and tilted in favour of China .In the last decade Indian leadership under the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh started realising that we need a strike unit of  Military for the eastern sector too. Repeated boundary violations by Chinese in Ladakh,Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand forced the leadership to realise the importance of having strong infrastructure and military deployment .Thus we saw the establishment of 80,000 strong mountain corps unit which will be only for mountain warfare. It is considered to be one of the largest mountain warfare capable forces in world today.

Today under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi we see the resolve to maintain the future strategic advantage at Siliguri corridor. It is interesting to notice as entire Chinese media can give a manipulated impression to its population. China of lately has been in conflict over islands with Japan, and same time over the South China sea which it has claimed totally .Chinese media everywhere proclaimed others as aggressors. Regional super power has much stronger advantage over India in terms of equipments and size, but due to consistent involvement with the Naxal insurgents within India and extremist outfits against Jammu Kashmir, Indian forces are better equipped with experiences of real confrontations.USA and many of the neighbours feel that China has been bullying the neighbours due to its military might.

India and China have one of strongest civilisations on planet. They are moving fast outpacing the growth figures of many European nations. And both have the potential to be very prominent till 2050.Remember China has been UNSC permanent member, and any expansion in future if possible may see new nations included. India has all possibilities due to its vast thriving democracy which has been functioning despite so much diversity.

Indian leadership this time has been strengthening the defences and also at the same time continuing to make India strong .A war will be disastrous for both. Important strategic installations have been monitoring the situation with hopes of possible dialogue.

Harsh Vardhan Pathak


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