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This report is about Economy, Criminality and Overall Development of Bhattwadi block. Bhattwadi is the block in Uttarkashi District of Uttrakhand state. Bhattwadi block amalgamates 99 villages. Three of these pertinent points have further bifurcated into as follows. Failure of Agriculture and Devastation caused by flash flood and landslides, the curse of wrong research and policies, road connectivity and infrastructure, Health status and Education. Bhattwadi imbued with slew number of the proletariat and very less number of bourgeoisie and semi bourgeoisie population. But Bhattwadi also ensures punitive injection of wrong analyse, wrong interpretation, wrong economic policy implementation and wrong data collection problems which further have serious cascading repercussion in life of villagers. Health status of Bhattwadi block is on alarming state, although Janani “Suraksha Yojana” has shown some hope of improvement.


The economy of state:


The economy of Bhattwadi district is majorly dependent on Agriculture and farm based products this reason has a bonanza of famous Garhwal Potatoes, Rice, Brown flour(madwa) and rajma (pulses). But condition of Agric economy demise in sorrow state, reason being government have yet not identified its potential like quality of Garhwal products, government should provide and identified  their framer’s products and providing them common platform for agriculture market where they can sell at market prices( for an example Champagne a villages wine which have proliferated in international market.




While investigating in various villages our team has identified numerous amounts of cases of Bride trafficking and girls trafficking cases. Numerous numbers human trafficking has been observed.  Villagers, bride families, their natives and relatives positively responded for bride trafficking. We may assume all these as tools of marriage or bride trafficking.


Overall Development:


All most every village we have covered, lack with basic life supporting amenities like less number of CNG gas connections, Road connectivity, Health facilities, Education only up to primary level, Drugs dealing, the mellow cooperation of Police, Failure of MGNREGA, fragile old houses and high volatility of electricity supply.


Agriculture, Health and Infrastructure:


More than ninety percent of the people are engaged in agriculture. Agriculture is the only source of income for villagers. They had use Hybrid seeds for plantation provided by AJIVIKA and BHUVNESHWARI and RELIANCE. Reliance has adopted Barsu for 5 years. They also provide a POLY house for the incubation of their fields from wild animals and snowfall. Seeds that they brought from Punjab and Haryana are of a bad quality which reduces soil fertility and their production. But most of the crop got damaged by wild animals such as bears, wild boars, wild pork, monkeys and languor. Natural calamities like Floods, Landslide, heavy rainfall, hailstorms, Earthquakes, etc had affected these areas heavily. In June 2013, heavy rainfall resulted in flash floods and landslides and caused huge destruction in these areas.  After 2013 floods lead to the reduction of fertility of land. Whatever grown in fields it is used for self-consumption and not for income generation.  Agricultural techniques of farmers is either absolute or outdated, even now villagers uses traditional methods for agriculture due to which they do not get surplus production. This impedes them more dependent upon government Rationing. They have very fewer land left for cultivation, all their fields got eroded while flashing floods. Sometimes Government also takes their lands for the construction of roads but do not pay any compensation. Houses, roads, markets all the things had affected and connectivity of this area with infrastructural facilities had been hurdled. Roads, Bridges are still under reconstruction. Villages like Gajoli, Naugaon has poor road connectivity because road is broken and underwent reconstruction. Due to which these villages become isolated. After 1991 earthquake, aluminium sheets for houses were provided by HYDRA, RSS, INDRA AWAS YOJANA, Tata Trust and ANGLE SHADE had provided houses more than 30 percent of villagers. The health condition of the people alarming. More than 70 percent of the people do not have toilet facilities and proper sanitation. Bhattwadi often suffers from lack of access to healthcare presentation and rare time for emergencies evacuation. People living in rural areas tend to have a higher rate of tobacco and alcoholism. Around one in five of all women have a Hysterectomy due to pulling heavy wood stock, water canes etc. People are not concerned about their health and hygiene children’s were not even wearing slippers and were wearing filthy clothes.




As if till now after visiting and a number of villages, interviewing villagers and their respective Pradhans the sorrow state of villages has been observed. Entire Garhwal area has been paved by proletariat population hence government should frame policy accord to support the agric sectors, government should also imping and revamp guaranteed employment scheme(MGNREGA). And should seriously implement recommendations by people like Comrade PC joshi, PS Rawat and Mr. Mangain.



Villages Reports.



Village and Block Village: Jhamak  Block – bhatwari




Key informants interviewed (who are they?) The local leader (Gram Pradhan) was very pessimistic regarding government allocation of funds, it is so ludicrous to construct china walls to protect proliferation of forest fire and spending millions on it, rather than understanding basic root cause why forest fire ignites, the very basic notion of forest fire is Palm trees(Chid) these trees do not possess any bonanza for mountain soil but rather act like impurities injections, the falling leaves of Palm tree ignites like fire in cotton he said. Government should initiate re-plantation of trees which are not only lucrative for mountains soil but also for wild animals and villagers, authorities should allot funds in these directions, coherently involving local villagers and other government departments he further stated.


Employment opportunity in the villages It was very astonishing that Jamak have such a naive percentage of MGNREGA employment scheme villagers are found in very negligible amount those who have participate in MGNREGA scheme due to lack of development projects in village. But Jamak also endure some favour after construction of dam, there are the villagers found to be employed in Hydro project dam.  But proportionate population remains unemployed with highly dependency on farming with disguise employment.
Challenges faced Entire Uttarkashi belt come under purview of high seismic earthquake zone so jamak. But jamak is also bless with human construction (Maneri Dam) this village endure heavy shocks of tunnel blasting from last 30 year the entire village soil has shaken and lost its density which has its cascading impact, soil sedimentation due to which villagers living in Kacha and semi kacha houses have to live in fear of   house demolition.


Case study Jamak is also observed seismic on the ground of Bride trafficking villages was not openly stating about incidences but mentioning three to five cases of such incidence. It was also observed that squareness of bride trafficking more diverted towards scheduled tribe rather than general category.


Case 1. Anju is the daughter of Umeed lal and belong to scheduled caste, while investigating with her younger sister told that Anju was married to Mureet 3 years ago and hole marriage was sponsored by in laws.


Case 2. While investigating another case of bride trafficking mushroomed. Junk dealer sold his two daughters one in panjab and Uttar Predesh amount was not stated.  

Case 3.  The boy went to delhi in search of job opportunities but never returns, police did not support the search of boy.

No strong signals were identified between Umeed lal and its in laws nativness. Villages also told about the incompetency of poor schedule tribe who cannot afford expenditure like marriage, it is a bliss that some one ready to take away their daughter without demanding for dowry.


`Health From the last few year “Janani suraksha yojna” playing imperative roll on women after their deliveries, 1400Rs amount of money is given by the government hospitals to these ladies and Ambulance drop infant baby and mother to her native place (Khushi ki Gadi) called in local language. But due to lack of doctors in PHC and CHC villagers have to travel Uttarkashi government hospital even for basic health problems.


Education It has been observed that Jamak ensure satisfactory level of primary education facilities. But the higher level of education accessibility remains absent, children who wanted to pursue their higher studies have to travel or migrate uttarkashi for completing their higher degrees.


Overall experience Jhamak is the most fragile village, which comes under highest seismic zone of earthquake and heavy landslides reason being its geographical location paved by Himalayas most unstable up folding mountains, Maneri Hydro project Dam due its artificial lake, it continuously weakening Jamak soil density, causing heavy landslides now and then, the underground tunnel which passes through Jamak bed also plays pertinent roll for heavy landslides and earthquakes.


Its already mentioned about dependency on farming sector by Jamak people. Jamak already endured more than three-time mega devastation by natural calamities one in 1991, another in 2004 and the last in 2013. Heavy land slides and mellow earthquake tremors have eroded numerous amount of fertile land, reduce per capita land holding area of villagers. Which further damping the amount of farm products and their revenues.


Jamak was observed good cooperation of police, reason may be nativeness of Hydro dam, but good cooperation of police have reduce alcoholism of villagers and they feel sense of incubation from fear and crime. Reliance, RSS and Tata trust have provided villagers with seeds, fruit plants and teen sheets.




Village and Block Village:Naogaon  Block –Bhattwadi



Keyinformants interviewed (who are they?) Naogaon is the other interior and last village of bhattwadi block. While interviewing with Gram Pradam some fascinating facts have immersed. Earlier their use to be numerous amount of agriculture production use to happen, but now situation is totally ironical, our major crop use to be mandwa,Potato,Cholai,Rice but interference of wild animal usually destroy our crops due to which we have to depend on government regular rationing. In every landslides we usually lose our cattles and fertile land.


Employement oppertunity in the villages While investigating Naogaon it was observed that numerous amount of people acquire higher bachelor degrees but due to lack of employment apportunities they have to dependent of agriculture. The another fascinating fact was Naogaon do not have few numbers of people who are employed in MANREGA, most of house holds have worked only for nine to ten days that to without wages, neither government provide any unemployment guarantee.


Challenges faced Naogaon is the most difficult terrain with the point of view of road connectivity, medical emergencies and regular necessary ration supply, this village is the most affected by cloud bust, flash floods and weekly mellow tremors of earthquakes. Villagers complain about government negligence of not providing them 100 guaranteed employment scheme due to which they have to migrate Dehradun and other states in search of employment.


Case study Case 1.  While investigating villagers waffling about network of bride trafficking they said there are few shopkeepers in Uttarkashi who are in touch with some villagers, these villagers connect link between girls parent families and shopkeeper with clients.

Case 2. One case of child adoption was found where boy was adopted 10 years ago due to demise of this blooded parents.

Case 3. Three years back, case was found where intercaste marriage look place when parents denied for marriage ceremony couple decided move out from village but when they came back both of them forcefully re-married to different individuals.


Health This village face extreme difficulties during women deliveries.To reach Naogaon 5 kilometres upstream serpentine path breaks breath several several times, it can be imagine how these pregnant women could reach road side waiting for ambulance. From last four year “Janani shuraksha Yojana” have shown positive implementation, pregnant women are drop and picked by 108 ambulance service without any charges with 1400Rs to women. But due to absences of road connectivity it becomes way difficult for victims to reach road side area. Therefore almost every major and minnor cases have to approach Uttarkashi government hospital. Almost all the villagers do not have any medical  insurance, even small surgery like women uterus operation drag their entire savings.


Education Nawa Goa again faces hindrance in education sector, it has been observed that only primary education is available rest after completing 8th students have to move uttarkashi to attain his secondary and higher education.


Overall experience This village also endure reams of wrong research and policies. Villagers told that  few investigators also approach to their village, they have observed our few cattle due to which they wrongly pulled us from BPL to APL ration category which reduced our food share, we have to lost one to two cattles in every flash deluge and flash floods, if we would been been stayed in BPL category we would have gain some financial support from government in form of cattles or money villager said.


Mahila mangal daal (women community) also honestly fulfilling their social responsibility by control home made alcohol and other form of drugs.


Under Swach Bharatt Abhiyan Swajal department have to provide financial support to families for constructing toilets but in middle of construction Swajal have stopped its financial support to poor families.




By Mohit Pandey


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