Reverse Migration in Uttarakhand


Whether to consider migration as a serious issue or natural phenomena, as we have observed from decades that various people migrate from place to place but problem arises when migration starts asserting pressure on changing of demography structure of a region, the most hyper illegal migration Indian Government had observed in north-east India like Assam where the inflow of Bengali Muslim so immense that not even demographic structure has altered but also elected members in legislative assembly, anti-immigrants policy IMDT act was overruled due to hack of corrupt politicians and illegal immigrants encroached half of Assam today (Mehrotra 2009).

In the context of Uttarakhand, migration is most romanticised mellow dramatised phenomena, to understand it many of the studies had been done and more are proposed but failed to resort to concrete contention and futuristic plan. The state government experimenting  to impinge reserve migration of regional peoples but it is resulting in unprecedented because reverse migration is happing but not of Uttrakhand people (inflow of Bangladeshi Muslims is much more vibrant including people from Bihar and Nepal where the majority of people are attracting due to comparative higher wages under MGNREGA and government development schemes).  On one hand, the government is trying to curb outward migration of its people by injecting development plans with help of various government schemes and on the other hand immigrants from different states and countries grapping it relentlessly similarly like pouring water to holed bucket.To impinge reverse migration and stop illegal migration in hills do not required understanding like rocket science as it can be done with simple methods as follows: first sealing all the poperty right of those who are not part of Uttarakhand before 2000, no enroachment of property other than partimony, reservation and fever fees of Uttarakhand students in secondary and higher education intitutions including private and government and people from particular district or region can only aplly against junior level government posts.

If illegal immigration does not halt further, the people may bifurcate in different anti Semitism groups similarly like other north east separatist groups demanding their regional dividend same happened while formation of Uttarakhand which can be resulted great challenge for law and order in state. Therefore inward migration by non Uttarakhand people will directly increase crime ratio and foreign security concerns up in hills because the regional people inherited much more adaptability from generations hence their habitances is most imperative considering international boarder.

Mohit Pandey

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